About Hakimian Complex

A brief introduction

Hakimian Industrial Complex is active in the central region of Iran since 2001 with its potential capacity to produce a variety of epoxy and polyurethane flooring, industrial and construction paints, roof and pool insulation, building facade protection, glue and grout, and artificial clay and concrete additives, along with cost-effective and high-quality performance.
Goals and achievements
Hakimian owes many years of his successful experience to innovation and commitment to initiative and quality. These factors have led to customer trust. The macro goal is production of the most updated products in global market; its medium-term goal is to develop and increase production capacity and to increase market share and the ultimate goal is to gain a significant share in the market among our neighboring countries.

Products and Services:

  • Epoxy and polyurethane flooring.
  • Industrial and construction paints.
  • Roof and pool insulation.
  • Building facades protectors and polishes.
  • Glues, resins, and grouts.
  • Artificial (polymeric) clay.
  • Concrete Supplements.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and guides about our products.
  • Phone: 03535233737
  • Phone: 03535233636
  • Phone: 03535222781
  • Mobile: 09122939909
  • Mobile: 09133739809

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