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Construction & Industrial Paints

Epoxy Zinc Rich, Polyurethane Paint, Epoxy Paints, Acrylic Paint ...

Construction & Industrial Paints

Epoxy Zinc Rich, Polyurethane Paint, Epoxy Paints, Acrylic Paint ...

رنگ اپوکسی زینک ریچ

Epoxy Zinc Rich

Combination of epoxy resin, zinc powder and polyamide hardener that creates a very hard layer on the metal surface and the resistance is done based on the cathodic protection system. The coating will be dried and applied as a protective in steel structures and industrial reservoirs to prevent corrosion of metal surfaces in unsuitable conditions & humidity.

رنگ پلی یورتان

Polyurethane Paint

Through a chemical reaction, the color creates a coating resistant to impact, mechanical stress and solar ultraviolet radiation between the two components and it is used as a high performance protective coating in industry. The color has a good adhesion on different surfaces such as aluminum and galvanized compared with epoxy paints.

رنگ اپوکسی

Epoxy Paints

Epoxy paint with polyamide hardener have a generally good resistance to weather conditions and polyamine hardener show specifically better resistance to chemical agents. These products have very good adhesion on a wide range of surfaces, Their excellent chemical and physical resistance increased the range of application of these coatings.

رنگ اکریلیک

Acrylic Paint

Very versatile and useful for creating texture in surfaces because they have high concentrations & dry quickly. Flexible and therefore, can be used on all surfaces. Acrylic paints are the new generation of building paints that with regard to environmental issues and lack of use of organic solvents and harmful substances, the application of this kind of color is increasing.

Construction & Industrial Paints

Epoxy Zinc Rich, Polyurethane Paint, Epoxy Paints, Acrylic Paint … Articles about Construction & Industrial Paints

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Hakimian industrial complex consists of two separate units of production and implementation. According to its potential in the production of industrial paints, polymeric insulation, composite resin and epoxy twin adhesives, epoxy and polyurethane flooring, surface protective coatings, synthetic thatch etc. on one hand and implementing them along with the interior design, especially the implementation of natural flexible stone, (stone sheet) is actively involved in Iran’s central region. The overall goal of the company is producing the world up to date products, and its medium-term objective is to develop, increase production capacity and increase market share. The company, in addition to production of industrial coatings and adhesives, produces composite components according to the order. Hakimian Industrial complex ready to cooperate with heavy industry and provide specialized applications for consumer items, automotive industry and car sales services (maintenance), pharmaceuticals, hospitals, food, health, electronics, oil and gas and petrochemical plant consumption and domestic, industrial and workshop, metal industry and affiliated (melting, casting, molding, pressing, and extrusion), etc.






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