Adhesive & Grout

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Adhesive and Grout

Stone Adhesives, Flooring Adhesive, Epoxy Paste, Metal Super Glue, Concrete Repair Powder, Epoxy Grout, Epoxy Resin, Cement Grout ...

Adhesive and Grout

Stone Adhesives, Flooring Adhesive, Epoxy Paste, Metal Super Glue, Concrete Repair Powder, Epoxy Grout, Epoxy Resin, Cement Grout ...

Epoxy Stone Adhesives

Epoxy stone adhesive has a good resistance to water, and coldness and heat of climate has no impact on its resistance and it doesn’t have volume reduction in contrast to the traditional stone adhesives.

Flooring Adhesive

Suitable for bonding a variety of rolls and PVC tile flooring with high adhesion waterproof properties which is easily applicable on all levels and make the underlying layer waterproof after drying.

Epoxy Paste

A two component mixture with epoxy resin-based that by utilizing chemical additives, its adhesion ability is enhanced and it is applied to plant or overlap bars in concrete structures walls and ceilings.

Cat Eye Adhesive

Cat eye adhesive or Bisphenol epoxy resin based epoxy adhesive & amine dryer which main feature is a stronger adhesion than polyester-based adhesives for bonding cat eyes on the pavement

Epoxy Ceramic Adhesive

Karbryd ceramic epoxy filler to repair a non-solvent-based non-volatile, without reducing the volume after drying epoxy adhesive with high hardness. To repair and cover the parts that is corrosive fluids and high corrosion and decay.

Metal Super Glue

The flexible properties of epoxy resin and solid surfaces create an unbreakable bond. After drying it is turning and machining, and chemical resistance and high mechanical and fillers for metal produced is called a cold welding.

Concrete Adhesive

To increase the adhesion, new concrete or mortar will be added to the old concrete or mortar and in addition to improve the adhesion strength, it will decrease the permeability of mortar.

Concrete Repair Powder

Cement based prepared mortar with appropriate aggregate and without shrinkage that has a high adhesion to the substrates and shall withstand high compressive strength due to the active polymers.

Transparent Epoxy Resin

100% resin Epoxy is transparent and with low viscosity to penetrate the gaps and the strength of materials such as stone or concrete sub Eating and polished stones are used and very effective.

Anarobic Adhesive

Anarobic glue or Anarobic based on acrylic resins in the absence of air and metal ions are combined and dried to produce a factor for a durable adhesion. It is a good alternative to many of the mechanical connections in the industry.

Resin for Electronics

Epoxy Resin for insulating & covering up types of electrical circuits and armatures winders with electricity cover qualities, Use against voltage above 20 kv/mm. As protector cover on capacitor, transistor, transformer, LED and …

Tire Repair Glue

Two-component adhesives based on polyurethane resins, elastomeric flexible Behalf hard and fast with high abrasion resistance. High shear strength and tear. The tensile strength and high adhesion. Resistant to most chemicals.

Cement based Grout

Cement grout contains siliceous aggregates with a high coefficient of friction and the maximum nominal size of aggregates is 8 mm to connect base plate and special foundation that the coefficient of friction between the pillar and foundation is important for the designer is designed.

Epoxy Grout

Epoxy Grout 1000 is a tripled mixture with modified epoxy resins foundations with mineral amplifiers that is an ideal material for heavy engineering operations and installing dynamic and static machines to achieve high compressive strength.

Mosaic Restoration

Adhesive and Grout

Epoxy Stone Adhesives, Flooring Adhesive, Epoxy Paste, Metal Super Glue, Concrete Repair Powder, Epoxy Grout, Epoxy Resin, Cement based Grout … Articles about Adhesive and Grout

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Hakimian industrial complex consists of two separate units of production and implementation. According to its potential in the production of industrial paints, polymeric insulation, composite resin and epoxy twin adhesives, epoxy and polyurethane flooring, surface protective coatings, synthetic thatch etc. on one hand and implementing them along with the interior design, especially the implementation of natural flexible stone, (stone sheet) is actively involved in Iran’s central region. The overall goal of the company is producing the world up to date products, and its medium-term objective is to develop, increase production capacity and increase market share. The company, in addition to production of industrial coatings and adhesives, produces composite components according to the order. Hakimian Industrial complex ready to cooperate with heavy industry and provide specialized applications for consumer items, automotive industry and car sales services (maintenance), pharmaceuticals, hospitals, food, health, electronics, oil and gas and petrochemical plant consumption and domestic, industrial and workshop, metal industry and affiliated (melting, casting, molding, pressing, and extrusion), etc.






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